One day I'll fly straight through the rainbow
And Disappear Forever
And ever and ever and ever and ever.

Fresh from the weekend, Monday finds a set of characters in your everyday scenario ready to take charge. Someone is in for a shock if they think you are vulnerable. When the Strength card is drawn your instincts are highly tuned and you have renewed confidence. Personal and emotional differences may be in conflict.

You know which direction to move on Tuesday when your intuitive nature works overtime in what could be a challenging business decision. Listen to the messages your inner knowing is sending and get your point across, especially in dealings with those in positions of importance.

On Wednesday you can be philosophical about where you are in life. The Tower is a man-made structure and in today’s changing world losing a job, getting a divorce, and facing death are a few of the ways that what we have built can cave in. This card is a reminder that the collapsing of one structure paves the way for the new.

The Death card holds the possibility of transformation to a very intense and passionate relationship, but first you must let go of the old. Tinged with sexy overtones, Thursday is about feelings that are direct and personal. You may have planned on spending some time alone but you find it compelling when you receive an invitation from a friend or a lover.

Iris, the goddess of the rainbow, is Temperance at work. She glides down the rainbow bridge between Heaven and Earth and adds harmony to the qualities of earth-bound decisions. On Friday you may have to build a bridge between two opposing but very important factions of your personal life.

On Saturday you may reevaluate your relationship to the sensual world. The Devil card reminds you that the trap he sets is one of untamed needs. It could be you feel that a shadowy area of your own soul is being drawn in, and you may want to confront the darkness head on.

On Sunday you feel the benefits of being passive. The Hermit knows how to detach from chaos. He does not try to control an outcome but rather he watches the situation unfold, serene in the knowledge that whatever the end result, the situation will right itself. It has taken him almost an entire life to learn the secret of serenity.



Just remember

Remember what it’s like

Like to feel

Feel anything

Anything at all

All or nothing.


-Raven Faulk

My best friend.

My best friend.

"All we can do is keep breathing."

Im tired. 

Im exauhsted.

And all I can do is stay up all night and not sleep. Which is exactly what I really need right now. My stress is beyond what its ever been right now. Im just at the end of my rope. Im tired of stressing. Im tired of being sad. Im tired of letting depressing thoughts flood my mind every night before I go to sleep. Im tired of depression running my life, period. I am so ready to just lift myself up and be happy. Be satisfied with life. Im ready to wake up, happy to be here. Happy to be a live and go through my day, with no regrets and no worries for tomorrow. But I cant. I never have been able to do that. Im determined this time. I have to be happy. I have to let go of my negativity. I have to fill myself with positivity. 

"All we can do is keep breathing."
Thats what I am going to do. Keep breathing. Keep going forward. Keep walking down this life path and stop running away. Stop running away from my problems. Stop running away from things that scare me. I have to allow myself to be happy. I have to want it more than anything. I have to work for it. I finally realize this.

I have to keep going, keeping walking and enjoy the things I have and the people who love me. I have to stop letting my insecurities get the best of me. I have to stop letting them hurt me. I have to face them head on.

I realize this. Maybe this is a new beginning for me. Maybe Ill find what Ive been looking for all along. Maybe Ill find happiness somewhere along the road. As long as I know its there and I keep searching, I will find it. I will be happy. I will find inner peace. I will find freedom in my soul and passion in my heart. As long as I keep saying that and I keep breathing, things will get better. 

One day I will blossom into the woman I want to be. One day.