One day I'll fly straight through the rainbow
And Disappear Forever
And ever and ever and ever and ever.


Dear. God. Yes.


50% of teen girls on facebook

  • get big camera
  • take 3894759428 pictures of leaves/flowers/crap no one cares about
  • over-edit every one
  • add a quote caption
  • have an album with those 3894759428 pictures called “photography”
  • post statuses about how your “photography” is your life

how about you take pictures of me shooting you in the vagina

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The only thing Ive been able to think of is

Where the hell is my camera charger?? Seriously. Ive been dying to start photography again. DYING. That urge is there again and its hotter than its ever been. Im going to die if I cant find it. DIE. Right now, photography is the only thing that is going to make me feel whole again. And thats saying a lot. 

Life in a Day

I just watched Life in a Day on Netflix and I must say, it was the most depressing documentary I have ever watched. Basically, it was a bunch of clips from peoples lives on July 24th, 2010. I think the producers meant for it to be an inspiring documentary but it just made me realize that I am nobody. 

I am nobody. But when you think about it, everyone is “nobody.” Who are we anyway? Who am I? Who are you? Who is anyone? It really turned my perspective on things as far as who we are as a whole. I think so many of us fail to realize that there are billions of people out there. Theres so much more life out there and most of us will never be able to see it. They’ll never be able to experience life itself. How many of us can say that we have truly even lived? 

It really helped to expand my mind as far as the vast wonders of this world. There are so many “nobody’s” out there. What really gets me though, is each and every one of us “nobodys” have a story, a dream, a family, a life, a will to live and lots of love in our hearts. Each to their own. Each story is different. Each experience is different. There are so many people and so many experiences that have happened. It amazes me. Its see where I am now, and this is nothing compared to rest of the world. 

And not very many of us will ever see the rest of the world or open our minds enough to realize that there is so much out there to learn about and to experience.

I really want to experience the rest of life. Not just living through day to day, but experiencing it, learning from it, growing from it. Just evolving through my life. Thats what I want.

Although this documentary made me pretty bummed out, it really inspired me to start looking at things from a broader, new perspective. Ive opened my mind to so many things and I feel like I can open it just a little more now. To be able to realize that theres a world out there with billions of “nobodys.”

Yet, billions of “nobodys” sure makes for a complicated, never ending stream of positivity, love and compassion as well as fear, pain and hatred.

A bunch of “nobodys” makes for a small planet, in a large universe. But its still something special. Just like each and every person.  

What you do and who you are, affects the rest of the universe. 

Even though, we are all nobody, doesnt mean we dont make an impact on the rest of the universe. 

Its been a good 5 months

But Ive got to get back on track with my life. 

The past five months Ive ignored every chance Ive had to get going on my goals with running, college and photography and all Ive been doing is fucking around. Its come to the point where all I want to do is be reckless and ignore all my plans and goals. Ive got behind and Ive got a lot to catch up to. Ive learned a lot over this time and Ive gotten a lot out of my system as far as being lazy, partying and having late night endeavors with my friends. If I keep living like this, not worrying about my body or my goals- then Im in for a tough ride. I cannot keep being stupid. I cannot keep harming my body. I cannot keep not caring. 

I have a thirst for so many things in this world and one of them doesnt need to be reckless behavior. I need to focus my energy elsewhere and get back to who I am. I have a feeling this is going to be really hard but Ill never get to where I want to be if I keep fucking around with my life. Its inevitable- you work hard, you get places. My dreams arent going to fall into my lap while Im sitting around doing nothing. 

I need some change as well. For that, Im going to run and when I get back Im going to rearrange my room and change it up a little bit. I think that will help me out with this new energy wave Im feeling. Maybe it will be some inspiration. :)



This is what boredom makes you do. However, it was fun. 

This is what boredom makes you do. However, it was fun.